Engine  14.9.0
Factual's Engine SDK
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<FactualEngineDelegate> Protocol Reference

#import <FactualEngineDelegate.h>

Instance Methods

(void) - engineDidStartWithInstance:
(void) - engineDidStop
(void) - engineDidFailWithError:
(void) - engineDidReportInfo:
(void) - engineDidSyncWithGarage
(void) - engineDidLoadConfig:
(void) - engineDidReportDiagnosticMessage:
(void) - circumstancesMet:

Detailed Description

A general delegate for the sdk.

Method Documentation

◆ circumstancesMet:

- (void) circumstancesMet: (nonnull NSArray< CircumstanceResponse * > *)  circumstances

Called when one or more user defined circumstances are met. The CircumstanceResponse list only includes responses for circumstances that are met.

circumstancesThe circumstances that were met.

◆ engineDidFailWithError:

- (void) engineDidFailWithError: (nonnull FactualError *)  factualError

Called when an error occurs in the sdk and provides a FactualError.

factualErrorThe error that occurred.

◆ engineDidLoadConfig:

- (void) engineDidLoadConfig: (nonnull FactualConfigMetadata *)  data

Called when a new config is loaded with metadata.

dataMetadata about the new config downloaded.

◆ engineDidReportDiagnosticMessage:

- (void) engineDidReportDiagnosticMessage: (nonnull NSString *)  diagnosticMessage

Called when a structured diagnostic message is available. This diagnostic information can be used to determine if the SDK is working correctly.

diagnosticMessageA diagnostic message structured as a JSON string.

◆ engineDidReportInfo:

- (void) engineDidReportInfo: (nonnull NSString *)  infoMessage

Called when an info message is sent by the sdk.

infoMessageThe info message sent by the sdk.

◆ engineDidStartWithInstance:

- (void) engineDidStartWithInstance: (nonnull FactualEngine *)  engine

Called when the sdk started successfully.

engineAn instance of FactualEngine.

◆ engineDidStop

- (void) engineDidStop

Called when the sdk stopped successfully.

◆ engineDidSyncWithGarage

- (void) engineDidSyncWithGarage

Called when an on-demand sync with Garage is complete.

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