Engine  14.9.0
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<UserJourneyDelegate> Protocol Reference

#import <EngineApiObjects.h>

Instance Methods

(void) - userJourneyEventDidOccur:
(void) - userJourneySpanDidOccur:

Detailed Description

A delegate for user journey events.

Method Documentation

◆ userJourneyEventDidOccur:

- (void) userJourneyEventDidOccur: (nonnull UserJourneyEvent *)  userJourneyEvent

Called when a user journey event occurs. For example, it will be called when place-attachment, visiting state, foreground/background state, and/or activity state change.

userJourneyEventThe user journey event that occurred.

◆ userJourneySpanDidOccur:

- (void) userJourneySpanDidOccur: (nonnull UserJourneySpan *)  userJourneySpan

Called when a user journey span occurs, either 1) when a user arrives at a place after a period of travel or 2) when a user departs a place after dwelling there.

userJourneySpanThe user journey span that occurred.

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