Geo 2.1.1

Released under the Eclipse Public License - v 1.0

Geospatial operations over points, lines, polys, geohashes, etc.


To install, add the following dependency to your project or build file:

[factual/geo "2.1.1"]


Helper functions for identifying and manipulating Coordinate Reference Systems.


Working with geohashes.


Working with H3.

Helper functions for converting JTS geometries to and from various
geospatial IO formats (geojson, wkt, wkb).


Wrapper for the locationtech JTS spatial library. Constructors for points,
coordinate sequences, rings, polygons, multipolygons, and so on.


Polygon operations: primarily intersection testing, point-contains,
polygon->edges, bounding boxes, normal vectors, linear coordinates,
bisections, box intersections, bounded-space partitioning, and so on.


Provides common interfaces for working with spatial objects and geodesics.
All units are in meters/radians/steradians unless otherwise specified.
Provides static spatial contexts for the earth, and some constants like the
earth's radii and circumferences, along with points like the poles.